SWI: Testimonial


At a point when you built a website it is required to put pictures (before, after) and collect testimonies.

How reliable is that?

All over the net you can find thousand of pictures and testimonies, even doctors who look like body builders
between Rambo and Tarzan.
Of course we do not want to look like them and we cannot dedicate our life to the bench-press.
We are businessmen and women that want to live our life to the fullest of our capacity as when we were in our thirties, we want 100% of our intellectual physical and sexual capacities until our last day.

So I decided to put my own testimony.


and the truth is that I feel now at 60 more stamina than when I was 30.
When I reached 40 my blood pressure and my LDL cholesterol were too high.
For the first time in my life I had to take medicines, it was a chock.
After a while taking medicines my blood pressure was perfect, my LDL cholesterol back to normal, my cardiologist happy, satisfied of the perfect results.
But I was feeling terrible, exhausted after a few hours of work, unable to concentrate, I felt I was at 10% of my potential.
My libido sad.
I though I have to do something to recover my life, I have to find a real solution smarter than only rely on medicines.
So I started my research on diet, and anti-aging medicine.
I found out that two people had low prevalence of heart disease:

the Cretan from Greece and the Okinawan from Japan.

They live longer and healthier than most of people from all over the world.
My research brought me to the fundamental and basic principles of medicine.
Hippocrates said "we are what we eat" and for Confucius

"our health sits on the laps of our cook"

My researches lead me to naturally establish the


that I immediately experimented on myself associated with my age management program (hormones balancing program).
After five months I was able to stop my medicine, I lost 15 pounds and felt at 200% of my potential.

I am now 60 always follow the


and the

Age Management Program

I never felt as healthy and happy as I am now.